South West Denmark

Mudflat walk on Mandø.

Experience Mandø and the Wadden Sea National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Join us on a walk through Mandø By and into the Wadden Sea. On this tour you will experience the grandeur of the UNESCO World Heritage Site up close. Before we head out onto the mudflats, the nature interpreter will give you a short introduction to the tour. It is the tide that decides how far we will walk. At low tide approx. 60% of the sea bed is laid bare, and the goal it to go as far from Mandø as possible. During the tour the nature interpreter will share plenty of stories about the Wadden Sea as a national park and World Heritage Site, as well as stories about small Wadden Sea island of Mandø. We will experience the vast expanses and the diversity of the seabed, and if we are lucky we will find razor clams, bristle worms, soft-shell clams and some of the other animals that hide in the Wadden Sea.The walk is about 3-4 km long and will take approximately 2-3 hrs. Bring footwear when we walk on land, but walking on the mudflats can done barefoot or in footwear that can tolerate saltwater. Meeting place: Next to Mandø Brugs, Mandø Byvej 1, 6760 Ribe. Tickets can be purchased directly from the nature interpreter on Mandø or at the Wadden Sea Center. Please, try to have exact money ready as the nature interpreter will have limited change.. Organizer Vadehavscentret.

Monday 19 August 2019, 11 am.(Entrance fee: Voksen: 95 / Barn (4 - 13 år): 45)

Mandø Dagli'Brugsen & Camping, Mandø Byvej 1, Mandø, Ribe

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