South West Denmark

Hiking from Mandø.

Join us for a hike across the sea bed from Mandø to the mainland! We start by driving with the tractor bus from the Wadden Sea Centre to Mandø. From the small Wadden Sea Island we walk 8 km across the mudflats back to the mainland. On our way back from the island we take a look at the wildlife in Wadden Sea National Park. The guide will also tell you about the history of Mandø. At the mainland we will find a place to enjoy our packed lunches. Prices include transportation to Mandø..

Saturday 13 July 2019, 5 pm.(Entrance fee: Voksen: 165,- / Børn: 95,-)

Vadehavscentret, Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, Ribe

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