South West Denmark

Oyster Tour.

Do you like oysters? We go out to the Oyster banks off Halen. Here we gather oysters in our bags (bring your own bags). It is easy to assemble for 300 DKK oysters! Wenn we´re back on the beach again, we open some of the oysters - so everyone can taste! You will get an introduction to the immigration of the Pacific oyster in the Wadden Sea and its marvelous life (oysters sex life is something special ). On the way out to the oyster bank, we will look closely at the rich wildlife of the Wadden Sea's - and hear a little about why the Wadden Sea has been included on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Back at the beach again, we have turned on the grill - so everyone can taste oysters both raw and cooked differently. Champagne belongs to oysters so we serve a glass at the end of tour. Everyone gets Strandskadens Oyster Cookbook - so you can try different recipes at home. We meet at the end of Halevejen. Follow the signs for the last bit. Remember bags to have the oysters in and dress according to the weather (it is colder at the Wadden Sea than on the beach) and rubber boots. Price: Adults: 100 Dkr, Children 50 Dkr. Booking: At, by text to + 45 30 20 25 43 or at Fanø Tourist Office. Organizer Strandskaden - Fanø Natur- og Kulturformidling.

Saturday 5 October 2019, 12 am.(Entrance fee: 150 DKK)

Halen, Halevejen, Fanø

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