South West Denmark

City Tour.

We walk a tour in Nordby's winding streets and secret paths along with a dedicated and knowledgeable guide. We hear about Nordby culture and maritime history - while we take all the same shortcuts around town as the locals. Learn more about all the exciting stories that are attached to the special houses and sites in Nordby. Hear about some of the great personalities that have marked the development of Nordby. What is the story behind the funny street names? Why are there painted on some of the houses? 1741 is just as important a year for Fano - as 1864 is for all of Denmark - but why? These and many other questions are answered on this pleasant walk through Nordby. We meet at dog-pillar next to the ferry. Price: Adults 100 Dkr, Children 25 Dkr.

Friday 12 July 2019, 1 pm.(Entrance fee: 100 DKK)

Fanøfærgen, Fanø

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