South West Denmark

Duck Decoy trip.

A family-friendly trip to one of Fanø's unique sights, Sønderho Gl. Duck Decoy. Decoys have been used for catching ducks etc. for centuries throughout the Wadden Sea. Together with coastal fishing, has the decoys previously provided a good income to the island. In Denmark are duck decous only preserved here at Fanø. The restored decoy is the frame of the trip, where we hear about the Wadden Sea significance for migratory birds, and why the Wadden Sea has the status of World Heritage. We look into the living dinosaurs (the birds). We hear about why they come to the Wadden Sea every year in millions. This is a trip for big and small who always has a lot of Questions - Who would like to know a little more about the creatures on the feed board: Is it possible for an Arctic Tern to fly as far as back and forth to the moon during his life? How do birds find their way? Why do they come here year after year? Why do birds migrate? Why this, why that ??? And of course we will also experience how to use a duck decoy. We hope children (and adults) on the trip will play a little with us - so we can show things. Book the tour at: or at Fano Turist office.

Saturday 13 July 2019, 12 am.(Entrance fee: 100)

Sønderho Gl. Fuglekøje, Postvejen 105, Fanø

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