South West Denmark

Owls and Toads.

Come on an evening trip and experience to Danish red listed species - the short-eared owl and natterjack toad.

Come on an evening trip to the Wadden Sea National Park and find two species, which have experienced population decline in recent years. The natterjack toad lives in small puddles affected by salt water, which is why the toad is mostly found around the Danish coastline - including the Wadden Sea area. There are very few breeding short-eared owls in Denmark, however, we know of a place where we are likely to observe the owls while foraging for food.

We meet at The Wadden Sea Centre parking lot, and from here we take a tractor bus to the island of Mandø. Here we will be looking for the toad, which is easily recognised by their quack - hence the name natterjack. At twilight we will be on the lookout for the owls as they float over the marsh and dunes. During the tour coffee, tea and cake will be served.

We will walk approx. 2.5 km.

Saturday 23 May 2020, 7 pm.(Entrance fee: 230 DKK)

Vadehavscentret, Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, Ribe

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