South West Denmark

Seal Safari.

Join us at this boat trip to the sand banks in the Wadden Sea where the seals are enjoying the sun, taking a swim or curiously looking at us. The exiting Seal Safari sets out from Rømø with the ferry to the german island Sylt. Here we step onboard a former fishing boat that takes us close to the sand banks without disturbing the seals when they rest. During the sail we´ll be setting out net for fishing and have a closer look at all the interesting species living in the sea. The seal is the biggest predator in the Wadden Sea National Park and here you find a large population of common seal. The tour will give you a unique perspective on the conditions in one of the world’s most important tidal areas. . Organizer Sort Safari.

Monday 27 July 2020, 10 am.(Entrance fee: Voksne 285 DKK, børn 210 DKK)

Rømø-Sylt Linien, Kilebryggen 1, Havneby, Rømø

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