South West Denmark

The Wattensea and other landscapes.

Fanoe Art Gallery opens the summer exhibition with 5 of the best photographic artists in the country: Kirsten Klein, Janne Klerk, Joakim Eskildsen, Mathias Svold og Ulrik Hasemann. The rough landscape near the Wadden Sea is the motif of the exhibition.

We see the landscape and nature portrayed in all kinds of weather, shifting seasons, day and night. The 5 artists show big razor sharp photographs, black and white pictures with a special atmosphere , pictures with intimacy and pictures with a humorous angel.


During the summer it will be possible to meet the artists to a series of talks. We will get the opportunity to get an impression of how they work and what they choose when they go out with their camera.

8th. of July: Kirsten Klein, 15th of July: Janne Klerk, 12th of August: Mathias Svold og Ulrik Hasemann, in September Joakim Eskildsen. A specific date will be announced later.

See more on the website of the artists:

Janne Klerk:, tlf 21494429,

Kirsten Klein:, tlf 30667798,

Joakim Eskildsen:, tlf 004915735227293,

Mathias Svold:, tlf 25546727,

Ulrik Hasemann:, tlf 61264888,


The exhibition is supported by: The Municipality of Fanoe, The Obelske Family Foundation, The Foundation of Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansen, The Foundation of Poul Johansen and Danibo.


Wednesday 16 September 2020, 1 pm to 17.(Entrance fee: 50 DKK)

Fanø Kunstmuseum, Nordland 5, Sønderho, Fanø

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