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      Brætspilaften - Board Game Night

      Dato: Ons. d. 19. september 2018
      Pris: (Fri entré)
      Tid: at 16 to 21
      Lokation: Byens hus, Stændertorvet 1, Roskilde
      Join us for a fun and relaxed afternoon and evening of board games!
      For anyone looking for something to do Tuesday night, Eccentricity and Roskilde Horror are hosting board game night at Byens Hus in the Forsamlingen Room. If you are interested in joining for the first time, feel free to post in the event so we can bring some fun intro games. :) It opens at 16:00, most arrive around 18:00, and gaming goes until around 21:00.

      This event is completely free. Just show up, bring games if you'd like but otherwise join games that others have brought to the event. The more the merrier! This is an international event, so Danes and internationals are all welcome!

      Just a couple rules to playing games at Byens Hus.
      1) The games are all privately owned, no drinks or food at the tables with games.
      2) No food or drinks are sold at this event (this may change in the future), so bring your own (and follow rule #1).
      3) Clean up after yourself. The room must be left clean in order for us to continue hosting board game nights here