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8/8 2018
Ananda Yoga Studio
Tinkerup Strandvej 8a
DK-3250 Gilleleje

GPS-info: Lat 56.1223, Lon 12.2672

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Traditional Hatha Yoga

Underviser: Linda Garrett-Wiesner. Linda is a compassionate yoga therapist and heart rhythm meditation guide. Retiring from a 30 year career in the corporate environment she has been returning to her true joy in life - yoga!

Tuesday 10 March 2020 to Tuesday 31 March 2020, 4 kursusdage 9 am.
Pris: (Price: 465 DKK) Click here to sign up

Ananda Yoga Studio Tinkerup Strandvej 8a, Gilleleje
Organizer: LOF Gribskov

She teaches through a pure, heartfelt love of yoga and belief in its' many benefits for "every body". The combination of heart-breath meditation with the natural, physical and mental health benefits of asanas, give her classes a unique sense of wellness, leaving students feeling relaxed yet energized, balanced, and with a sense of pure yoga joy! She teaches traditional Hatha Yoga, with varying forms of Vinyasa and YIN Yoga styles. All classes, taught in English, are a therapeutic and gently flowing asana practice focusing on improving balance, muscle tone, and postural alignment. She teaches heart and hip openers,and spinal/abdominal twists, for improved flexibility. Classes are casual and meant for those seeking a relaxed pace and calming atmosphere, although a few 'optional' Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) are taught as a way to get the heart rate up if you desire. Honing in on a healthy, balanced mind and body, each session finishes with a peaceful Savasana Meditation, focused on regeneration through all body systems, inner peace, and a joyful heart! You can also visit her website at : Ananda yoga ligger i KYSTHUSENE. Det gamle Gilleleje feriecenter. Tinkerup strandvej 8A 3250 Gilleleje Her parkerer du din bil på p-pladsen eller cykler op ad den første stikvej på din højrehånd lige overfor p-pladsen. LIGE bag ved bygningen er der en lille rampe ned til pool området. Her møder du en låge med en kodelås. Stik armen hen over lågen tryk ned i håndtaget indefra. Pyhaa så langt så godt. Så er du inde i pool området og her holder du til højre og finder Ananda yoga. Hold 201098

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