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2 September 2021


Black Sun

Experience the dance of the starlings across the evening sky! .
Tuesday 2 September 2021, 6 pm.
Ribe, Ribe, Ribe
90 kr
Experience the dance of the starlings across the evening sky! .

The phenomenon "Black Sun" is a magnificent display across the evening sky, when 100.000-300.000 starlings gather to roost in the reeds in the marshland. The almost magical formations made by the murmuration of starlings depend on the presence of birds of prey, as they hunt the starlings in the fading light.

The Wadden Sea Centre guides follow the starlings in the days before the tour in order to know where the starlings are most likely to settle for the night. There are, however, no guarantees with regard to nature. No one knows how the evening will turn out - but that is what makes it all so exciting!

Join us on an interesting and exciting tour where the nature interpreter tells more stories about Black Sun and the curious life of the starling.

As we will be standing still for a long time, it is important to dress warm with a hat, woollen clothes, and wind- and waterproof outerwear. It might also be a good idea to bring some warm coffee, food and seat pads for the waiting time. Bring proper (perhaps waterproof) footwear as we might walk up to 1 km i wet terrain.

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