Casa Moana 1

(Præcis adresse på billetten), Stockholm

Fredag den 8. april 2022, kl. 20.


Low-Fi Concert: Claudio Suriano & Sebastian Zawadzki

A musical evening of classical tradition, simplicity, and experimentalism with a piano and electric guitar instrumental duo.

Italian composer and guitar player Claudio Suriano will meet Polish composer and pianist Sebastian Zawadzki.

Their prolific artistic relationship - started in Copenhagen in April 2019 - has brought this Copenhagen-based duo playing different concerts in different venues in Denmark.

It will be a musical evening of Classical tradition, simplicity, and experimentalism, where they will blend inspirations from classical, jazz and electronic music through their own compositions.

There will be 2 sets of 45 minutes with a 15 minutes break.
The room is equipped with a mezza-coda piano and all we need to have a great sound experience!

Come and enjoy this special and unique event hosted by Melanie in her fantastic Casa Moana in Stockholm, an amazing cozy living room overlooking lake Mälaren!.

Entré: 175 kr

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