Dokk1/Aarhus Hovedbibliotek

Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, Aarhus C

Tirsdag den 18. januar 2022, kl. 17-18.


Inuaguration talk with Bjerne Henning Nielsen

The talk will be held in connection to the opening of the exhibition "Across cultures: Discover the heritage of the Vikings in Spain" (English).

The inauguration talk will be held by Bjarne Henning Nielsen, mag. art., museumsinspektør, forskningschef, VESTHIMMERLANDS MUSEUM, Aars.

RAICES has the pleasure to invite all to a talk about the Viking Age environment close to the ring fortress of Aggersborg and the coastal areas of the Vesthimmerland part of the Limfjord. Important to the understanding of the Næsby Viking Age graves including the possible grave of Ulf the Galiciafarer, who has left an enduring impact in the north of Spain, are the many places near the coast with metal detector finds most certainly representing rich farms and reflecting production and trade with local and foreign origin. The finds are dated from the 7th-to the 12th century AD and show a thriving part of Denmark. The question of why we relate Ulf to this area will be dealt with.

The inauguration talk will take place in connection with the opening of the exhibition "Across cultures: Discover the heritage of the Vikings in Spain", which will be shown in Dokk1 on 19.1.-29.1.2022.

Read mere about the exbition HERE.

Registration for the inuaguration talk is not required, but there is a maximum of 70 people in the hall

We reserve the right to make changes in the arrangement, if the corona situation should change. The Aarhus Libraries follow the health authorities' instructions, so it is safe to participate in the libraries' events for both users and employees.

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