Valby Kulturhus

Valgårdsvej 4-8, Valby

Fredag den 3. februar 2023, kl. 19-22.15.


Ecstatic dance with Grundstoff & Ionstrøm

We are back for another season of Ecstatic Dance with Ceremonial Cacao!This event is an invitation to approach dance as a moving meditation, as a way to sweat your prayers and celebrate being alive, with all that it includes.

Have you ever been longing for a dancefloor where you can set yourself free to dance as if no one is watching, and where everyone else is doing it too? A dancefloor with a high and clear vibe - no alcohol, no small talk, no smartphones, no shoes. Just a crowd of people moving their bodies for the pure enjoyment of it, for the therapy, the medicine, the pleasure.
Whatever mood you might be in when you arrive, let it move. There is no agenda and nothing you can do wrong in your way of dancing. It is a potential self-healing place, a potential meditation in motion - or you might simply just like to move your body in a room with other dancers. Come and be free to move as YOU!
The DJs intention is to create a smooth wave with great variety, for you to experience yourself and your moving body in different ways, a multicolor journey with room for many aspects of being human.
In Ecstatic Dance with Grundstoff & Ionstrøm, you will always start out slow and sensitive, building intensity and landing back into slow at the end. In between, you will experience a variety of emotional and energetic landscapes; playful, light, heavy, blissful, aggressive, breathtaking, disturbing, sexual, melancholic, soft, fast, slow.
Our baseline is a deep love for electronic music, and we also love the organic elements; beautiful voices, violins, saxophones, percussion, hang drums. Expect tunes and voices from south america, balkan, spain, scandinavia & india
Expect flavors of swing discoteque, movie soundtrack, cirkus and psytrance. Expect some singing bowls, some glitch and some dubstep. It will all be weaved seamlessly together in a flow that feels smooth and inviting.

The DJ set will often be accompanied with live instruments, and the event is started and rounded off in an acoustic soundscape by Ionstrøm.

We will offer Ceremonial Cacao from Charmed Chocolates as a supplement to the dance. As usual, you can choose a dance ticket with cacao or without.
Ceremonial Cacao can enhance your dance, energize the body and connect you more deeply with yourself and others. It's soft yet deep, supporting you to tap into your full potential on the dancefloor. This gentle medicine works with your natural energy, guiding you to greater ecstasy while keeping you grounded.
* A water bottle
* Dry clothes for after the event - we intend to make you sweaty
* Your own cup for cacao - lets save single use materials

We begin with a short introduction to Ecstatic Dance guidelines and what it can be, a few words to welcome new dancers. A 5-10 minute floor exercise will open the dance, and then there will be no more guiding words.
Every expression is welcome. Floor crawling, shaking, large movements, stillness - follow your body. Dance alone or dance together, move as you please between these elements and more.
The general Ecstatic Dance guidelines apply - see the end of the page.

PROGRAM 3/2 2023:
19.00 - Welcome! Doors open. We start serving Cacao.
19.20 - Event start. Gathering circle, drinking cacao (or water) together
Short intro to the Ecstatic Dance practice and an even shorter intro to Ceremonial Cacao.
Breathing, centering and grounding. Light soundscapes with soft instruments.
19.45 - Dance journey with DJ Grundstoff slowly sets off.
21.45 - Dance journey ends. Finishing circle. Light soundscapes with soft instruments.
22.15 - You can chill while we're packing
23.00 - Everyone need to be out of the house

Sandra Grundstoff has 25+ years background with facilitating yoga, meditation and free dance. As a DJ, she has been active in Copenhagen conscious scene since 2016. She is very inspired by Dance Mandala and has a down-to-earth approach, aiming to hold an accepting space that is both free and safe, where the music and your own body is the primary guide.

Chrell Ionstrøm Kemnitz is a talented jack-of many-instruments, yoga teacher since 20 years+ and a multi-faceted body artist - fire staff dance, slackline, fencing and street performance are just a few of his tricks. As a fairly new-born DJ with his debut in 2021, he has a natural sense for teasing bodies to move. When he is not on the decks, he brings the acoustic atmosphere to the room.

Ecstatic Dance COMMON Guidelines:
1. We dance barefoot
This allows us to connect more fully with the ground, and keep each others feet safe. If unsuitable, please wear soft shoes, no hard heels.
2. We dance without talking
This makes it easier to be in our bodies rather than our thoughts, and to let others be fully absorbed in their dance experience. No verbal instruction from the facilitators, no conversations on the dancefloor.
3. We get high on the same vibes
No mind altering substances.

Entré: 190 kr