Spillestedet Stengade

Stengade 18, København N

Søndag den 5. maj 2024, kl. 20-23.59.


Party Cannon [UK] + Support: Cognitive [US]

Det bliver en kæmpe fest når party slam bandet Party Cannon fra UK kommer forbi Stengade og Danmark for første gang! De tager amerikanske Cognitive med sig. FFO: Gutalax, Devourment, Gorgasm, Cattle DecapitationObs.

Billetsalg starter mandag d. 12 februar kl: 11Party Cannon:Dubbing their unique style as 'Party Slam', Party Cannon have combined the brutality of bands like Devourment and Gorgasm with the grinding party vibes of bands like Gutalax - pushing the already ridiculous genre to new and obscene grounds.Making waves since their inception in 2010, their debut EP 'Partied In Half' is now considered an iconic release within the slam death metal scene. Compositionally complex, yet conceptually idiotic - Party Cannon have taken brutal slamming death metal to the next level.'Having become renowned for their brand of IQ-lowering brutal death metal, live show and crowd participation antics, the band has shared stages with the likes of Gwar, Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation, and many more, as well as having embarked on headline tours in Europe, the UK, and North America.www.facebook.com/PartyCannonUKwww.instagram.com/party_cannon_officialhttps://open.spotify.com/artis...+ Support: CognitiveCOGNITIVE was born in 2011 with the sole intent to create heavy, intensely technical music, while maintaining an edge of creativity that separates them from the over-produced sea of sub-genres. Hailing from South Jersey, combining technicality, guitar solos, grooves, and abstract ideas with song writing,. COGNITIVE are continually pushing themselves to think outside of the box while maintaining a sheer brutal edge.https://www.facebook.com/Cogni...https://www.instagram.com/cogn...https://open.spotify.com/artis... ----------------------------------------------------------------------Entry: 140 kr (Limited Amount Early Bird ticket on sale until 29th of February) / 160 kr in normal pre-sale / 175 kr at the door!

Entré: 140 kr

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