About KultuNaut

Since 1996, KultuNaut has been collecting and publishing information on publicly available cultural events in Denmark. The events range from small, local flea markets to festivals and stadium concerts.

It is free to enter his event in KultuNaut's database. The event will then be approved by KultuNaut before appearing on the website. This means that it usually takes 1-2 days for the event to be viewed on the website, but it is necessary to avoid duplicates, spam and other unwanted content.

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The information from www.kultunaut.dk is also distributed to hundreds of other websites as well as print and / or digital media.

Most of the country's municipalities and tourist destinations use KultuNauts special calendars, and the partners also include newspapers, local associations, cross-regional cultural collaborations and commercial websites.

The many partners make the information available to many who may not know or use KultuNaut directly.

KultuNaut has an office in Søborg and employs four full-time employees and five part-time.

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