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About KultuNaut

Mads Gudmand-Høyer fortæller om dengang KultuNaut startede:

"One day, I searched the net to find some after work time event to me and my colleaguese. It took some time, and allthough the internet contained information about cultural events, it was scattered. Shortly after, I decided to structure and gather information about culture in Denmark.

I persuaded some friends and my family to help, and we were all initially agreed that it should be a free service . At that time, we had no idea about how KultuNaut could pay off.

It was a much harder work to keep the calendar updated than we imagined. Many organizers were in the beginning sceptical about the possibel usage of the internet for their purpose. Today it seems funny to think about all that scepticism some people had towards the Internet and it's possibilities.

I worked for free in the beginning, and I had to fare with a part time job besides KultuNaut. Little by little we began to work with a few municipalities and libraries who subscribed to get the calendar in their website or printed media . This collaboration with for example municipalities, papers and other organizations has been further developed. It means that today, we offer a free and independent service for citizens to the benefit off cultural life in Denmark ."
KultuNaut is specialized in cultural promotion have today
 current events and information displayed on and several hundred other websites . There is everything from stick walking events in Lemvig to big concerts in the Park. It is free to enter an event at, as it is to search events in the calendar.

But KultuNaut can do more than that. We help municipalities, associations, newspapers and tourist agencies to integrate relevant information about cultural life in print and / or digital media . For municipalities and associations it means for example that they get their own customized version of a KultuNaut calendar embedded on their website .

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KultuNaut is an unruly, old baby

KultuNaut has existed since 1996 and can be described as old in the internet business. In spite of the knowhow gathered through the years, we try to keep our minds open in relation to the solutions we deliver . We take pride in both being able to work with both small voluntary organizations and large commercial companies, and we try to listen and adapt to each customer's needs .

'Naut is the little active baby, who through 22 years have promoted culture to everybody . With an energy level above normal, 'Naut keeps the whole country up to date with what's happening . The dissemination is done via a collaboration with hundreds of newspapers and portals across the country, as all user KultuNaut calendar system .

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Kultunaut history

KultuNaut is the story about a company, who in his first year of life fared under a vision of a meaningful life that made founder Mads Gudmand-Høyer and his family and friends to work through without getting something in the pay packet.

Today, 22 years after the 'Naut took its first steps, houses KultuNaut 5 full time employees, a couple of student assistants, and about 50 volunteer reviewers who work for KultuNaut promotion of culture .

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