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iphonebillede The KultuNaut calendar on your mobile
Go to with your mobile. KultuNaut has made a special site for the iPhone, and other new mobilphones with webbrowser, which makes it possible to find events, whereever, whenever.

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The KultuNaut calendar as an iPhone app
If you have got an Apple iPhone, you can get a free KultuNaut app.
Read more here.

Go to iTunes.

KultuNaut calendar as an android app
If you have an Android phone you can free of charge download KultuNaut as an app.

The standard settings can be changed by the menu buttons on the phone to suit your purposes

Download it free of charge at Android Market. Read more here.

To open this Layer
download Layar
and scan this code

KultuNaut via Layar
KultuNaut is also found in Layar. See more at Layar is a 3D-browser, which takes advantage of the many functions on new smartphones. By opening the Layar program og fetching KultuNauts "layer", you will be alble to navigate the area in which you currently are placed and se exactly what is going on near you.
The Layar programme can be downloaded via Android Market or via Apple App Store directly onto your phone.
See more about getting Layar here!
Search KultuNaut with WAP
Go to with your mobile.If your mobile supports WAP then it is easy to search KultuNaut, no matter where you are in the world. Here are a few hints on how to get started. Read more

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