Kulturmaskinen - Frølageret

Farvergården 7, Odense C

Onsdag den 31. juli 2024, kl. 19-21.

Arrangør: Odense Alternative Jazzforening


Lisa Bassenge // Odense Jazz Festival

Lisa Bassenge - Vocal / DE. Jacob Karlzon - Klaver / SE. Andreas Lang - Kontrabas / DK. Lisa Bassenge is back with a bouquet.

"Wildflowers" completes her trio trilogy, once more with Jacob Karlzon on piano and Andreas Lang on bass - as on "Borrowed and Blue" (2018) and "Mothers" (2020).

Eleven songs, seemingly chosen at random and yet resulting in a completely rounded album: »Wildflowers« covers a range that stretches from Dolly Parton to Depeche Mode, from Bob Dylan to Death Cab for Cutie. Plus Lisa Bassenge's subtle, melancholic original composition »Morning Sounds Of Spring«. The way the trio arranges and delivers these individual pieces, they don't seem thrown together, but rather like chapters in a story. Each one is glittering in its own right, but the whole turns out to be greater than the sum of its parts.

This also applies to the trio itself. The two musicians - Jacob Karlzon from Sweden and Andreas Lang from Denmark - embed Lisa Bassenge's unique voice in a warm sound that is 'Scandinavian' in the best sense: relaxed, but always engaging; very playful, but never pushy. »This sound has found us,« says Lisa Bassenge. And on »Wildflowers«, the three have brought it to perfection. Every single bar of the album testifies to the incredible chemistry between the singer and the musicians.

What also connects the songs is the quality of the lyrics. All of them are poetic pieces of existential depth, and Lisa Bassenge's haunting interpretation and crystal-clear phrasing converts them into powerful mind games.

Is this jazz, is it pop, is it chanson? With »Wildflowers«, the Lisa Bassenge Trio once again demonstrates how fluid the boundaries between supposedly very different genres are. This music doesn't need a tag. It's all about the beauty and the truth of the songs.

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