Evening Courses

KultuNaut has gathered information about actual courses from: AOF, Dansk Oplysnings Forbund, NETOP, FOF and LOF, so you can get an overview.

Lectures, tuition, exercise offers from KultuNaut database is here divided into the topics below . You can also choose your local city or search for a course or teacher that you are interested in .


Lectures, debate, culture or religion
Language and other academic subjects, genealogy, etc..
It and technique, image processing, PC courses etc.
Cooking and wine tasting
Outdoor sports, navigation, nature and hunting
Body, exercice, health and nutrition
Travelling, city walks, guide tours, excursions and tours
Communication and personal development, theology, entrepreneurship etc.
Creative or technical skills and crafts .
Among other things, sewing, basket weaving, drawing, painting, flower arranging, first aid, photography, knitting, doing it yourself at home
Music, song and drama.
Among other things, piano, guitar, theater, dance and instrumental