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KultuNaut is an online event database which collects knowledge about cultural events and displays the calendar on as well as on the platforms of our licensed partners.

KultuNaut attaches great importance to you being comfortable using our digital offers and other services. Therefore, we have a clear policy to treat the information you give us responsibly, with respect for your privacy and of course in accordance with the legislation in the field.

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a user's experience more efficient. KultuNaut uses different types of cookies and some cookies are set by third-party services that appear on our pages.

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website, assess the use of the individual elements on the website, and to support the marketing of our services on the site. We want to provide full and complete information about our use of cookies.

This page deals with web pages and scripts from, subsites and a number of others alias that refers to

If you use various apps for Android and iPhone that use KultuNaut's data, please refer to the separate personal data policy for the app in question.

Here is a guide to deleting cookies

Personal data

KultuNaut's search engine can be used without logging in or having to provide name, email etc. But if you want to enter an event in the database or make use of our newsletter or recommendations, you need to log in to the website.

When you register as a user in KultuNaut with a login, we save your profile and email. Your login will be linked to the events you enter and your profile will, among other things, be used for recommendations of new events. You can of course ask to be deleted again at any time.

3rd party cookies

KultuNaut displays data on web pages in different designs for a large number of collaboration partners, on these pages there will be images and scripts that refer to the collaboration partner's main site, which often uses cookies.

Similarly, data from KultuNaut, which in certain cases will be inserted on the main site of collaborators in the form of widgets and dynamic scripts, will contain traceable 3rd party cookies.

KultuNaut does not share personal data with external partners, and we require that all our partners comply with applicable information requirements for personal data legislation and clearly refer to this from their main site.

KultuNaut makes use of a number of functions from social media, i.a. "share this" and login via Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. For more information on how a number of social media use cookies, you can click on the links below:

Google - Openstreetmap - Pinterest - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Microsoft

KultuNaut gør brug af et bannersystem fra Manatee, der anvender 3. parts cookies:

"Connecting your website to Manatee services, the website owner is obliged to follow applicable law, including data legislation (GDPR). Delivering ads Manatee functions as a forwarder of data and does not process data. Manatee contractual status allowing connections to 3rd party advertising networks (Vendors) with a functioning data transfer agreement."

For more information about Manatee's ad vendors and their privacy policies, click on the links below:

Audience Project - Adform - Google Advertising - Smart Adserver - Improve Digital - Magnite

Contact KultuNaut

You can of course always ask to have your information removed from our database. Contact

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If you have comments or questions in connection with our processing of personal information, you are welcome to contact KultuNaut's editors on tel. +4533731050 or e-mail

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