Custom calendars and data extraction

KultuNaut offers a range of affordable solutions for local websites and cultural providers.

Use of data from KultuNaut

Data from KultuNaut can easily be integrated on external websites. The information from Kultunaut's database is filtered and selected for the individual website so that the calendar is adapted to the relevant target group.

KultuNaut is responsible for the collection and validation of the events and the information is updated automatically on the website. KultuNaut's calendar modules ensure that the calendar is automatically updated with relevant, new information every day. The work on continuously updating and checking information as well as support for users and organizers lies primarily with KultuNaut, as well as a number of super users around the country.


The layout may come from one of our standard modules, but you as a partner are also welcome to design it yourself or get a web or design agency for it. Further down the page, we have collected some examples of special calendars that you can be inspired by.

Technical solution

The integration can be implemented in many ways.

Most people choose a scraped solution, where KultuNaut, via a blank page, copies the CSS and menus from the website on which the calendar must be integrated. In this way, colors, fonts, icons as well as menu structure and any banners etc. are added. automatically over the calendar module that has been set up. KultuNaut provides automatic synchronization and if one day, for example. changing color codes or adding a menu item in the header, it automatically pops through the calendar page.

It is also possible to use javascript to insert the calendar on the page, or you can connect via xml or json. In addition, the data can be extracted to printed calendars via InDesign, Word, Excel or pdf as well as integrated on info screens and apps.


KultuNaut has over 20 years of experience in developing and setting up cultural calendars. Collecting and maintaining a cultural calendar is often far from as simple as many people think. KultuNaut has throughout the years demonstrated an incredibly stable service thanks to a lot of routines that are built to monitor operations and database 24/7 incl. weekends and holidays.

Organizers' entries are often of high quality, and data comes from many sources. It costs a lot of money and resources for KultuNaut to ensure that the reports have a serious and consistent quality. It is a comfort for the partners to know that KultuNaut gives high priority to data quality, and in the end it is a basic prerequisite for users to trust the calendar.

It helps to make the database better so that the organizers know how important it is to remember to update in KultuNaut. Organizers only have to enter information in one place, but KultuNaut ensures that the information is automatically exposed in many places.

As a partner, you can only add corrections, translations or other missing information in the database. Most organizers contact KultuNaut directly via email if they have practical problems. KultuNaut also has a telephone hotline, which is open in general. working hours, if an organizer needs help and guidance.

There are many calendar systems on the market, and they are often an integral part of the CMS used for its website. But there are very few systems that, like Kultunaut, also take care of the great work of maintaining and collecting the information in the calendar.

KultuNaut's network of partners makes it possible to reuse a lot of solutions and routines in the day-to-day maintenance of data In this way, the integration of imports, integration with ticketing systems, removal of duplicates and spam can be made much cheaper than if you had to do the same tasks yourself.

Integrating with KultuNaut is easy and fast, and by working with KultuNaut you get a stable calendar with more and better content, at a fraction of what it will cost to create and maintain your own database.

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