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Mads Gudmand-Høyer
Niels Finsens Allé 65, 1. sal (See map)
2860 Søborg
E-mail: KultuNaut@KultuNaut.dk
CVR: 26504856

Office time
KultuNaut is a nationwide calendar on the web and links to the organizers' websites. KultuNaut has nothing to do with ticket sales or venue rental. Contact the organizer of the individual events if you are in doubt as to whether an event will be held or whether tickets are available.
The office is open mon-thu: 9-16, fri: 9-15. Tel: (+45) 33 73 10 50

Cookie and privacy policy
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E-mail addresses to KultuNaut
Press information, and newsletters on culture events, are sent to presse@KultuNaut.dk

Corrections and changes to the information in the calendar are sent to the main address KultuNaut@KultuNaut.dk. However, corrections to a certain event are preferably made by clicking on the pencil icon next to the event.

Invitations to press conferences or reviews are sent to anmelder@KultuNaut.dk

Please send the same information only once, and to one address only. If you are uncertain about which address to use, send to the main address KultuNaut@KultuNaut.dk.